Dark City vs. Matrix

 Dark City is a movie that was released 1998, The Matrix is a way more famous one from the year of 1999, obviously released afterwards. If you know both movies you might notice some bites that actually did end up in both of them. Coincidence? Or boldly stolen?

Well, I knew both movies when I ran into this french article that pointed out these similarities but I hadn't noticed them before. Though, I really have to say: while some scenes do look very similar to their counterpart-scenes of the other movie, other comparisons seem fairly forced to me. But having a look at the first movie of the Matrix-trilogy surely makes me think in a way that the developers in Japan must have passed on for generations: "better well stolen then produced half-heartedly". Although I can't quite ignore and neglect the dangerous half knowledge of a certain comic The Matrix is based on ... [...]
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  • Anonymous Foifur said:
  • Also die Parallelen sind ja schon heftig. Werd' nachher gleich mal schauen, ob ich Dark City nicht noch irgendwo auf VHS (yeah!) rumliegen hab, da ich den nie ganz gesehen habe.

    Hättest Du den Eintrag früher gepostet, hätte ich's wohl nie erfahren. Also das passt schon ;)


    Wednesday, March 19, 2008 9:26:00 AM  

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